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At Abd Raaz Digital, we take immense pride in our ability to deliver exceptional, relevant, and influential backlinks to our esteemed clientele. Our meticulously crafted blogger outreach strategy empowers us to establish valuable connections with authoritative website owners, securing premium placements for our clients’ esteemed content. The outcome? Heightened visibility and elevated search engine rankings that fuel our clients’ success. 

Our link-building services are meticulously tailored to operate on a monthly basis, ensuring a consistent and sustainable approach to constructing invaluable backlinks. When it comes to a trustworthy and highly effective link-building solution, Abd Raaz Digital stands unrivaled as the epitome of excellence.

Why is guest posting important?

Guest blogging is crucial since it enables you to network with others in your field, present your brand to a new audience, increase website referral traffic, position yourself as an industry thought leader, and maybe create backlinks that will improve your website’s SEO.

Why our guest-posting service is the best?

We only offer the most relevant, effective, and meaningful links. We’ve developed our own blogger outreach technique, which involves contacting the owners of authoritative websites and offering an invitation to publish content on their blogs.

When you will start working with us, we can supply you with high-quality backlinks on a monthly basis. Abd Raaz Digital is your best friend if you need assistance with link building.

How It Works ?

We want to approach the owners of authoritative and relevant websites (to your niche) and propose publishing an article on their domains.

We will write SEO-optimized content of between 800 and 1000 words with your targeted keywords, and then submit a guest post to their blog.

We will provide you with real-time reports and make sure we index the backlinks as well.

We will deliver the live links reports and make sure all the backlinks are indexed as well.

Guest Posting Price

4 Backlinks from high quality sites

$550 per month

8 Backlinks from high quality sites

$1050 per month

10 links from high quality sites

$1350 Per month

15 links from high quality sites

$2250 Per month

Niche Edits/Link Insertion

5k+ organic  traffic websites

$70 per placement

10k – 15k organic  traffic websites

$110 per placement

40k + organic  traffic websites

$180 Per Placement

Some FAQs

Get in touch with us and send over your business’s website, targeted URL, and keywords. If you choose to move forward with the suggested domains, we will next produce content specifically for those sites and submit it to them.


Sorry, but we don’t maintain any such lists. This is done entirely by hand. We start by identifying the market segment where the buyer is most active, and then we reach out to relevant website owners and pitch them the idea of publishing an article on their site.

The short answer is “NO.” Google’s official policy is that you shouldn’t pay for links. That’s why we never use fraudulent, PBN-style sites or sites of low quality for such actions. We ourselves do not use any such link for our own websites and why should you? 


Since we have contacts with other websites with high domain authority, it is easy for us to find relevant blogs for your particular niche and request a guest post. Link building has been served well by content marketing for many years. Simply posting an article and gaining a backlink to the relevant website is, thus, completely risk-free.


Well, first we talk to you and analyze your niche. Then we will find the relavant sites. Then we will show you the sites. If you proceed with the sites then you have to place the order before submit the article. 

Yes, as it is nearly impossible to produce all the links within a couple of days . And It does not appear organic if all the links are created at once.  So after submitting the article and acquiring relevant links, then we wait a few days before sending the articles again, which obviously requires several weeks or months.

Before making a purchase, please review the feedback we’ve received from some of our previous customers. Then it is up to you whether you should hire us or not. However, if you are still confused then feel free to get in touch with us about our comprehensive SEO package and our team will gladly explain all the details.


We can ensure that the links we submit are of the highest quality, as our results speak for themselves, and we will only submit an article if you go forward with the domain. 


As this is a link-building service and not a full SEO service, we are unsure of the KPIs you will need to beat the competition. We offer a free 15-minute consultation to help you figure out what sort of links you need, after which we may propose that you purchase our entire SEO package, charge you for more in-depth research, or simply leave you to your own devices.